Mammy's Caravan | Street food feast

Street Food Feast

Surprise your guests by offering them a unique street food experience in your space! We drive our unique Volkswagen T2 Caravan to the place you choose and we prepare fresh delicacies in front of you!


A service that offers the opportunity to each of your guests to enjoy the treat that suits them through a wide variety of ingredients and delicious combinations, while at the same time decorating your space creatively!


What we offer:

  • Sweet crepes
  • Waffles on a stick
  • Waffle bites
  • Ice cream cone
  • Tsoureki bites
  • Hot dogs
  • Espresso – Freddo espresso
  • Bubble tea
  • Refreshments and drinks
  • Homemade lemonade / sour cherry
  • Beverages


Suitable for private parties, beach bar parties, personalized corporate events.

A special proposal that will impress!

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